Prey (2017) Review – A Scary Good Time

(Original Article published on Enthusiast Gaming, May 5 2017) Prey has gone through a lot of change since it first debuted back in 2006 on the Xbox 360 and the PC. The original game featured Tommy, a Cherokee character who used his link to his heritage to channel a spirit form that allows him to roam freely aboard a spaceship full horrors, mind-bending puzzles all wrapped up in a highly under-appreciated package.  In 2011,Bethesda revealed Prey 2, a sequel to the game set on an open-world alien planet where you play a… Read More

Post-Apocalyptic Games To Play Now That Trump is President

(Original Article published on Enthusiast Gaming, March 30, 2017) Many times people will tell you that video games do not teach you any useful skills or expand your horizons. For the first time ever, those same people might be joining you and picking up a controller/keyboard. The unthinkable has happened, after about 18-month of campaigning the new President of the United States of America, is Donald J. Trump. No, this isn’t some horrible joke or a Scarecrow endued psychotropic trip, he actually won. The guy who makes Trevor from Grand Theft Auto… Read More

Hello, Neighbour! | Alpha Build Early Impressions

(Original Article published on Enthusiast Gaming, March 25, 2017) If there is one constant in the world, it is the over abundance of early-access games that are readily available to us. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, especially when we get absolute gems like ‘Hello, Neighbour’. ‘Hello, Neighbour’ is a stealth-horror game by indie studio tinyBuild games, and it’s unlike anything I’ve played in recent times. The visuals have a surreal, Pixar like effect while the gameplay itself will for sure make you tense all over. If this game has done… Read More

Game Changing ‘The Division’ update 1.4 Comes Out This Tuesday!

(Original article published on Enthusiast Gaming, March 10, 2017) Just a few hours ago during Massive’s “State of the Game” livestream for The Division, they revealed that the much anticipated update would be launching on all platforms this coming Tuesday. These updates overhaul a majority of the games mechanics to a fantastic game that has been held back by a few, glaring issues. But these updates are not just to fix lingering issues, but to also make the experience better than ever. Some of the changes that stand out right away is… Read More

7 Things We Want From ‘Red Dead Redemption 2

(Original Article published on Enthusiast Gaming, March 9, 2017) Like most gamers, we all have that one game that we prayed and begged for to get a sequel (I’m looking at you, Half-Life). Since 2010 for me, that game has been Red Dead Redemption. Hailed by many as 2010’s “Game of the Year”, Red Dead Redemption rode into our hearts and lassoed our imaginations with its captivating open-world, breathtaking visuals and an incredible storyline about an ex-outlaw by the name of John Marston. After many cruel teases by Rockstar earlier this week,… Read More

Emerge 2014, Emerge Social Event Doc

  In 2014, the Guelph-Humber event “#EmergeTO became a city and nation wide trending event. We are now officially trending in Canada! #EmergeTO — EmergeTO (@EmergeTO) April 22, 2014 As the social media director, I was in charge of all social media operations between all four streams of media in our last year at University. These four streams included: Journalism, Digital Design, Public Relations and Image Arts. Putting on a media production of this scale was difficult enough, communicating between all four streams was a task that took a lot of coordination… Read More

Star Wars Food Art From A Galaxy Far, Far Away (And By Galaxy We Mean Toronto)

(Original Article published on A Penne For Your Thought, December 18, 2015) As soon as you see those words on the big screen, you’re instantly hit with a wave of nostalgia for one of the biggest entertainment franchise in history. Unless you’ve been living in a cave on Tatooine, you know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s here; the biggest day of the year is here! Star Wars: The Force Awakens officially came out today! By now many of you might have already seen it (which makes me really jealous since my… Read More

Emerge at Toronto Comicon 2014: Day 2

(Original article published on Emerge Magazine, March 9, 2014) As expected, Day 2 of Toronto Comicon felt like a madhouse of imagination and enthusiasm as fans came out in full force. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Saturday, March 8th was once again home to an assortment of fans, cosplayers, artists, exhibitors and of course, celebrities. However, Comicon is not just a place for long time fans and enthusiasts to gather; it also gives new comers a chance to experience one of the biggest events in Toronto. “It’s really cool,” said Emily Duchene… Read More

Emerge at Toronto Comicon 2014: Day 1

(Original article published on Emerge Magazine, March 8, 2014) Emerge spent the evening at Toronto Comicon on March 7th, and if you couldn’t make it down to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, here’s what you missed. DC cosplayers like Superman and Batman ruled the convention, but the real stand-outs were the a retro take on the Joker and London’s Batman. They spent hours roaming the floor, meeting with fans and fellow cosplayers. “I came here to Toronto to come to the Con because I really enjoy having fun at these things,” says London… Read More

ASUS U38DT Ultrabook Review, Skyrim Tested

(Original article published on CAVE Magazine, November 12, 2013) Being a man on the move, there’s a good chance you have to lug around some sort of laptop which usually tend to be heavy. That or a tablet of some sort. Luckily (and thankfully), the recent advent of “ultrabooks” is starting to replace those brick laptops with lighter, nearly as powerful equivalents. This is where ASUS introduces their new laptop the U38DT, part of the U-Series, and shows us exactly why they call them ultrabooks. The Look ASUS brought out their A-game with… Read More