I am Robin Ghosh, an Indian born native of the 90’s, who now calls Canada home. I’m pretty sure I was put on this earth to create.

From a young age, the media industry has always pulled me towards it. This grew through the years by watching television, movies, observing arts and culture and playing video games. After a while, I realized that I wanted to turn this into a career and so I enrolled at the University of Guelph-Humber.

With a specialization in journalism, my focus grew beyond being a writer and into dabbling in filmmaking, social media, photography, designing and anything else that I could get my hands on. My experience and skill in various fields of the media allows me to be adaptable, while still focusing on the three core regions of my abilities: journalism, social media and film

As an accomplished writer, award winning social media directorvideographer and photographer, my passion has grown into a career path that is both exciting and intriguing. I have gone beyond what I was supposed to learn in University since I love what I do in this industry. An industry where you can wake up in the morning and realize that it’s another day to create something unique.

“All About Robin” is a one-stop-shop for all the things I have done, and a home for future projects and even some rants about the things I love.


You can check out my published work in the portfolio section, and more about my skills from my public CV.

One Comment on “About

  1. Robin, I love your work! I subscribe to your youtube and instagram and I especially love your short films!! I also loved all the info you provided on For Honor! (The interview and game unboxing etc.) Freaking love that game!
    I also love following your travel adventures, I’ll definitely be visiting Japan and Italy now that I know where to go!
    Thanks for your advice and help with my website also! You’re the best, please keep posting regularly!

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