Post-Apocalyptic Games To Play Now That Trump is President

(Original Article published on Enthusiast Gaming, March 30, 2017)

Many times people will tell you that video games do not teach you any useful skills or expand your horizons. For the first time ever, those same people might be joining you and picking up a controller/keyboard. The unthinkable has happened, after about 18-month of campaigning the new President of the United States of America, is Donald J. Trump.

No, this isn’t some horrible joke or a Scarecrow endued psychotropic trip, he actually won. The guy who makes Trevor from Grand Theft Auto look like a standup guy who plays with kittens. But enough of my own political leanings, here’s a list of games to play to prepare yourself for the next four years.

(Note: This is a satirical article, don’t take the politics of it too seriously, instead focus on how awesome these games are).

1. Fallout 4

War, War Never Changes. The famous words uttered by Hellboy star and general badass, Ron Perlman, signifies the disparity of the world of Fallout. Bethesda crafted a unique look at a world that is devastated by a nuclear holocaust, permanently freezing it in an aesthetic reminiscent to that of the 1960’s. The 1960’s, the same time where Donald Trumps views on women and minorities come from. Learn to survive the horrible wastelands filled with mutants and bandits, especially on hardcore mode.

2. Metro Redux

The award winning novel, turned video-game by 4A Games and Deep Silver looks at a post-apocalyptic Russia after a brutal world war left the surface barren and lifeless. Now, as Artyom you have to survive the cramped metro tunnels of Moscow against Communists and Nazi’s with horrific mutants in every corner. Theres a Trump joke in there somewhere, but I’ll let that go.

3. DayZ

The famously infamous game that has been stuck in Alpha for years now, DayZ is the perfect example of how to interact with other fellow human survivors. You have to eat, manage your health and scrounge for supplies as you try to survive a brutal landscape filled with zombie terrors. But more realistically it’s a lot of people just trying to rob you for your pants and beans. It’s one of my personal favourite games and I….I have done some unspeakable and horrible things in the game.

4. Resident Evil 

The survival-horror classic Resident Evil is the perfect game to prepare you for the end of the world. Historically, Resident Evil has scared the crap out of fans for decades, and if you have been playing since the beginning, you are more than prepared for the horrors of the night.

5. The Division

Of all the choices on the list here, the world of The Division might be the most realistic outcome of what could happen to the world. The Division is based on a real-live training event called “Operation Dark Winter”, a study on how to handle a potential biological attack on U.S. soil. This world has no mutants and crazy demons or funky robots, but a colder more real look at a nation hit by biological attack. Not only is the game a blast to play especially with the latest update, it actually gives a scary look at what could happen.

What are some other post-apocalyptic games to play to prepare ourselves for the end? Let me know in the comments below!

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