7 Things We Want From ‘Red Dead Redemption 2

(Original Article published on Enthusiast Gaming, March 9, 2017)

Like most gamers, we all have that one game that we prayed and begged for to get a sequel (I’m looking at you, Half-Life). Since 2010 for me, that game has been Red Dead Redemption. Hailed by many as 2010’s “Game of the Year”, Red Dead Redemption rode into our hearts and lassoed our imaginations with its captivating open-world, breathtaking visuals and an incredible storyline about an ex-outlaw by the name of John Marston.

After many cruel teases by Rockstar earlier this week, it’s finally happening. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming which means we all have certain expectations. Here are seven things I believe this game has to have in order for us to happily throw all our wolf pelts at.

1. A living-breathing open-world, 2.0

What made the original Red Dead Redemptions world so compelling, was the fact that the world felt alive while still giving you a sense of isolation. A part of that was thanks to the amazing flora and fauna in the game which complimented the overall atmosphere of the game. With Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar learned to develop an even more detailed world that begged to be explored. RDR2 has to take this to the next level with a more fully realized world that recognizes and remembers you. The previous game did that with its ‘Fame’ system, but I want Rockstar to take that to a morally grey area similar to how CD Projekt Red did with The Witcher 3. One way to do that, is with the next section.

2. More things to do and randomized events

The first RDR had a world teaming with random events and activities to do, but a lot of it was static events like “he stole my horse partner” or when a group of bandits would try to jump you. I really hope they evolve the randomized events where events happen dependant on how the world views you based on the type of morality or ‘fame’ system they use. In terms of activities, I want to play a wild-west simulator. Let me do more bounty hunting missions, hunting-gathering events etc. If I want to get into a brawl in a bar, I want people to throw bets my way. Having smaller things to do helps flesh out the world, which in turn makes the story more captivating.

3. A strong focus on storytelling like the original

If there is one thing that I absolutely loved about RDR, it has to the story and the characters that drove it forward. I’ll try to avoid any sort of spoilers for the game since right now you could go play it on Xbox One backwards compatibility, but trust me if you haven’t you need to play this game. Rockstar has always made compelling stories for their games, but GTA5 for me anyway did not have the strongest plot. It did have fantastic characters, but their post-launch emphasis was clearly towards GTA Online. Let’s focus on the story first, and then get into the online part.

4. Grand Theft Auto Online, but with cowboys

No matter what online shooter, loot-grinder or MMO you’re playing, it’s hard to pass off on an opportunity to drive around with your friends and commit crimes. Grand Theft Auto Online (GTAO, for typings sake) has been a runaway hit that’s driven Rockstars revenue for the last few years. At launch however, it was a buggy empty wasteland where you would get stuck in the loading screen for that stupid tutorial mission for Lamar. But since then Rockstar has learned a lot from GTAO, and should use that knowledge to build a compelling Red Dead Online world for players to run around in. Best thing about this?, no rocket launchers or tanks to get you down. Maybe a gatling gun or two. I just really want to have in-game bar brawl with my friends.

5. A place to call home

Having a home system like GTAO would be pretty awesome for single and multiplayer alike! I want to be able to call a certain patch of land my home, and not have to purchase those dingy, crappy homes in Thieves Landing like the original game. I want to be able to buy and customize a home to my own style because in open-world games now-a-days, customization is the norm. I want to protect my cows from those darn ranchers! 

6. More customization

Speaking of customization, let us customize every single aspect of our character, even the horse! Sure, John Marston was totally a badass but maybe I wanted him to be bald, or wear a green suit while punching bandits. Give us the choice to customize our character the way we want, similar to the depth in, well, every GTA ever. Let us customize our horses saddles, packs and everything in between. If I want my horse to have a flaming monkey skull print (or something along those line), let me do it! The previous game allowed you to make money with a hunting system but  felt a bit pointless since other than guns and other items there wasn’t much to spend on. Speaking of spending your money.

7. An in-game economy that shifts with the world

The wild-west, and even at the end of it, was a time of hunting, trading and bartering. Having an evolving economy system would allow players to feel more compelled to hunt for pelts, allowing them to role-play as a hunter when they’re not embarking on an epic take or punching random people at a bar. Having the chance to make money and putting it towards making the world your own, would give your overall experience so much more depth.

BONUS – Undead Nightmare 2

Please for the love of god, give us a sequel to Undead Nightmare, one of the greatest DLC’s ever made. If you’ve played it I don’t have to explain why; if you haven’t, “Wild west zombie survival”. That is all.

These are some of the things I hope end up in the next RDR, what are yours? Let us know in the comments bellow!

The Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer premieres tomorrow at 11 EST on the Rockstar social media channels, as well as their Twitch channel.

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