Welcome to All About Robin!

It’s here, it’s finally here.

Having technically started this website about a year or so ago, life and the last year of university got in the way of not allowing me to actually finish it. Then came the struggle of the first two years in the real world: no school, no set schedule, a time where we do what we want to do while balancing our life and our ambitions (and sleep if possible). But all hurdles aside, it’s finally here: a portfolio website designed to show people what I can do without the need of awful compressed email attachments, or a dull resume.

It’s funny how certain events can prompt the need to come up with an entire online identity in a very short period of time. I created “All About Robin”  last year when I had a networking event and a shoot in the span of a week. I locked myself in my room and worked on the website, business cards as well as the logo: it was both the longest and quickest five hours of my life. I tried to make the name of the site a little clever instead of settling for the regular “heresmyname.com”, and the tri-hexagonal logo was inspired by the brilliant universe of Deus-Ex. It was only after I printed out the business cards with the logo did I realize that each polygon represents the three things that I’ve spent the last four years in University training for: journalism, social media and videography.

This website is designed to be a digital portfolio experience for those who want to see the work I’ve created over the past few years, as well as to connect and network with other media professionals who want to work towards a new era of media.

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