Jury Out on New iPhone: Worth it?

(Original article published on Radix Online, October 16, 2012)

Jury Out on New iPhone

GH students mixed on gadget’s worth
By Robin Ghosh

Apple unveiled its latest iPhone on Sept. 12 after months of rumours and fake images over the new phone’s features.

The smartphone model sports a longer four-inch retina display, improved touch sensor as well as a faster wireless speed and more rigid unibody case. All this combined creates the thinnest, lightest iPhone yet. But the excitement for Apple’s latest is divided among students – between the “early adopters” and those who want a cellphone for its original purpose.

“I don’t understand why people who have a phone that is perfectly capable of working, then go spend thousands of dollars on another phone,” says Jamie-Lee Ball, a second year Guelph-Humber student. “The iPhone 5 doesn’t have enough added attributes for me to spend the money. It would need a lot more.”

Some students seem disinterested and are keener on saving their money for tuition and nights out, as long as they can use a phone for basic reasons. Other technologically-minded students, nonetheless, are excited to take another hit to their bank accounts and take the jump to the new iPhone.

“I love Apple. I have everything Apple!” says Lisa Noble, a second year Business student at GH who owns almost every kind of Apple product, including MacBooks and music players. “I worked all summer and I didn’t buy anything purposely because I knew this was coming out.”

Apple’s new iPhone has its work cut out for it, facing off against Samsung’s Galaxy S III and other competitors that offer alternatives to Apple’s high-class phones. “At the end of the day, it boils down to the kind of person you are,” says Aalok Tailor, a third year Humber nursing student.

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